Whatever fitness means to you, going further, being faster, stronger. The most powerful thing you can do to your routine is to change it. To push your body further, to go deeper. Swim your way to a new level of fitness. There's fit and there's Speedo Fit.

The road to Speedo’s Get Speedo Fit campaign has been challenging swimmers to choose Speedo as their partner in getting fit since 2013. The campaign has inspired swimmers by helping them improve their technique, keeping them motivated with technical advice, and connecting them with other swimmers. This year, the objectives of the campaign have evolved and aim to re-ignite the interest in swimming as a fitness method. There’s a fitness swimmer in all of us and Speedo Fit is how you find it.

Perfect your technique with tips and advice from the world’s leading swim coaches. From how-to videos on stroke, positioning and breathing, to technique image galleries and product recommendations, we’ve got everything you need to get Speedo Fit in 2017.

From kickboards to fins, training aids are a great addition to your swim kit, allowing you to work on your fitness, strength and technique.
Discover how you can use them to help achieve your fitness goals with our expert videos and image gallery.