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Fastskin IQfit Endurance Biofuse
Speedo Fastskin3

The world's first complete Racing System

  • Cap,Goggle,Suit. Reengineered to create the ultimate hydrodynamic form
  • Low drag fabrics deliver vital gains with every stroke
  • Developed to meet demands of world-leading athletes

Swimming world first

At Speedo we've made it our mission to discover the optimum hydrodynamic shape for maximum speed and performance in water.

We've carried out extensive 3D scanning of elite athletes, run computer simulations of athletes' shape, conducted research and calculations on drag and resistance, and we've tested and tested (and tested some more) our theories, findings and technologies.

Our research changed the way we looked at swimmers. It changed the way we looked at swimwear. It led us to create new technologies and achieve yet another swimming world first.

Introducing the Speedo Fastskin Racing System: cap, goggles and suit engineered to work as one efficient system in the pool, together creating the ultimate hydrodynamic form for maximum speed and performance gains.

Speedo Aqualab

Build the perfect Racing System for your body shape and performance needs

Since the 1920s, when we developed the world's first non-wool suit, we've been developing technologies and swimwear that give athletes a competitive edge in and out of the pool.

In developing the swimming world's first complete Racing System, our expert global research and development team, Aqualab (Speedo Global Research Centre), worked with world class athletes, coaches, sports scientists, global hydrodynamics experts, optical engineers and even psychologists to ensure every detail was built to meet the specific demands of dedicated swimmers.

Following years of development, research and testing we created the Fastskin Racing System: a complete FINA approved cap, goggles and suit system developed to work as one to streamline your body shape and cut through the water with maximum efficiency.

Every detail from full body form to goggle strap clip shape has been examined to improve and control water flow over the entire body, improve hydrodynamic form, reduce drag and maximise stroke performance to help you achieve your fastest result yet.

LZR Racer X

Speedo’s latest innovation and most premium suit available. Worn by Missy Franklin, 4 x Gold Olympic medallist. Developed by swimmers for swimmers. Increased targeted compression streamlines the body while support seams hold you higher in the water making you feel your fastest.

Working closely with over 330 athletes and 20 swimming experts from 26 countries, has enabled Speedo to deconstruct the physical and mental relationships within competitive swimming. The Speedo LZR Racer X designed with the optimum combination of compression, construction, sensitivity and support to provide swimmers with everything they need to feel their fastest.

LZR Racer Elite 2

The LZR Racer Elite 2 features all-over suit compression creating a streamlined shape in the water, whilst the lightweight fabric stretches four ways so the suit feels comfortable like a second skin.

Speedo LZR Racer Elite 2

FS3 cap

Fastskin3 Cap

  • Experience a 3.4% reduction in drag with Speedo's most efficient cap yet.
  • Developed for outstanding hydrodynamic performance using global head scanning data.
  • Our Fastskin3 Cap is the world's first cap to feature IQ Fit technology.
  • Fit Point Markers ensure optimum goggle alignment.
FS3 goggle

Fastskin3 Goggle

  • Maximise incremental gains from the moment your head hits the pool.
  • Our fastest ever goggle boasts a unique low profile hydroscopic lens for enhanced 180 degree peripheral vision.
  • Fit Point Markers and IQ Fit technology allow precision fit and alignment.
  • Use with Fastskin3 Cap for 2.2% reduction in full body drag.
LZR Racer Elite 2

LZR Racer Elite 2 Suit

The world's most successful suit, reengineered.
  • Improved LZR Pulse + Fabric for a 40% increase in durability of water repellency.
  • LZR Pulse + Fabric delivers powerful all-over body compression, optimising hydrodynamic form.
  • Fully bonded seams for a 6% reduction in drag.
  • NEW contrasting colour panels and reflective branding.

FS3 Super Elite Suit

Fastskin3 Super Elite Suit

Our fastest, most technologically advanced suit.
  • 3D Zoned Compression and Hydro-K 3D Fabric deliver intense, targeted compression and a 3.3% reduction in skin friction drag.
  • High stretch Pulse-Flex fabric generates a 2% decrease in skin friction.
  • Body Stability Web and IQ Fit technology for confidence of fit and form.
  • 16.6% passive drag reduction when worn with Fastskin3 Cap and Goggle.
Fastskin Elite Suit

Fastskin3 Elite Suit

A superior suit for serious competitive objectives.
  • Full body Compression Fit technology engineers the body into the optimum hydrodynamic form.
  • Body Stability Web supports the body, promoting a neutral swimming position.
  • High stretch Pulse-Flex fabric delivers a 2% decrease in skin friction drag.
  • Advanced C6 Water Repellency reduces water absorption and suit weight in water.
Fastskin Pro Suit

Fastskin3 Pro Suit

Speedo's medal-winning technology made accessible
  • Hydro-K Fabric for a 2.59% reduction in drag.
  • Compression Fit technology engineers the body into the optimum hydrodynamic form.
  • C6 Water Repellency reduces water absorption and suit weight in water.
  • Four-way flat seams for flexibility of movement.

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