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Fastskin IQfit Endurance Biofuse

Super soft and flexible comfort
every time you swim

  • Deeper, softer seals for improved comfort
  • Flexible frame shapes to fit your face
  • Rigid internal frame wrapped in a soft gel-like skin
  • Whether you swim for fitness or just love being in the water, having the right goggles is essential. You need a snug fit, but without any leaks or excessive tightness which would leave marks around your eyes. With comfortable, properly fitting goggles you can concentrate on just having fun in the water.
  • Speedo Biofuse technology makes your comfort top priority. Our Biofuse goggles shape fit your face, giving you cushioned comfort every time you swim.
  • Soft and flexible gel-like materials provide enhanced comfort. In addition, the internal frame helps to give exceptional stability. In fact, there's a strong frame inside each pair of Speedo Biofuse goggles. This ensures that they keep their shape on your face.
  • Because everyone's face has a unique shape, Speedo Biofuse goggles have deeper, softer seals than traditional goggles, and they'll mould to fit the shape of your face. In short, Speedo Biofuse goggles are so comfortable you could even forget you're wearing them.

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