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Our Values

We are committed to making Speedo products responsibly, with consideration and respect for people and the environment.

Corporate responsibility (CR) is a core part of our business strategy, and every member of our team has a role to play in helping us be responsible. We raise awareness about CR through regular training sessions, an annual 'CR Day', posts on the company blog, and resources on our intranet site.

We prioritise four key areas: product sustainability, the environment, ethical trade, and supporting charities and communities.


Looking at ways to reduce the environmental impacts associated with the way we design and manufacture our products.

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Ethical Trade

Assessing our supply chain to improve conditions for the people who make our products.

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Measuring and reducing the environmental impacts of our offices and business travel.

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Supporting local charities and community organisations.

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Making any product has an impact on the environment. The extent of this impact depends on the materials used to make the product, the way it is made, its journey from factory to consumer, and the way it is disposed of when no longer wanted.

Our efforts to reduce this impact include:

  • Researching the water, waste and energy impacts of swimwear and goggle products.
  • Giving our designers and suppliers the guidance they need to avoid the use of any potentially harmful substances.
  • Considering the environment when we source packaging. For example, for our poolside footwear we have switched from shoes boxes to lightweight, recycled card hangers, saving around 18 tonnes of cardboard per year. We have also made our wristwatch packaging smaller and 88% lighter. All Speedo goggle packaging materials are certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council, while all goggle, footwear and swimcap packaging can now be recycled.
  • Choosing to ship our products by sea or by road, instead of by air, where possible.

Excess Material

We look for new things to do with excess material or stock, such as donating unsold LZR Racer suits as part of creative collaborations with ethical fashion brand From Somewhere and Chelsea College of Art and Design

Manufacturing Efficiency

We recognise that the factory processes used to manufacture our products have an environmental impact, predominantly through the energy they use and the waste and wastewater they generate. We are working with suppliers to understand and reduce these impacts by making manufacturing more efficient.


We look for ways to reduce our own environmental footprint – from our office and business travel – over time. Our facilities team coordinates our efforts to keep our footprint low, and all Speedo staff play a role.

Our priorities are to use less energy, to recycle more, and to use water and other natural resources responsibly.


We moved to our new, energy efficient headquarters in Nottingham, UK in 2010. It is rated as 'excellent' by sustainable building experts BREEAM, has a level B Energy Performance Certificate (the second highest rating), and uses half as much energy as our previous base.

Energy saving technologies include lights fitted with motion sensors that automatically dim on a bright day, revolving entrance doors that help regulate inside air temperature, and a ground source heat pump that makes use of warmth from the ground outside. The building is also fitted with photovoltaic solar panels.

Natural resources

We take care to use natural resources responsibly.

Our water consumption is relatively low and our bathroom facilities are set up to use groundwater from boreholes, further reducing our reliance on mains water.

We have also replaced bottled drinking water with mains-fed chilled water dispensers.

We source office furniture with high recycled content, and all the paper we use is Forest Stewardship Council certified.


We recycle around 90% of our waste and are working towards sending zero waste to landfill.

We promote recycling and have centralised waste bins that help employees to quickly and easily segregate paper, cardboard, plastics, batteries and food waste. We also separately collect wood, metal, electronic waste, and photocopier and printer toner cartridges.

Ethical Trade

We source Speedo products from suppliers around the world, mostly in Asia. In turn, these suppliers employ thousands of people. We are committed to improving working conditions for the people that make our products.

We recognise that there are complex ethical issues within the apparel and footwear manufacturing supply chain. It is important that we understand why these issues exist, and then take steps to help improve working conditions.

Our Standards

Our policy is to only do business with suppliers that adopt and implement our standards, or have policies that reflect the same values.

Our Code of Employment Standards for Suppliers reflects globally recognised labour standards, including the Ethical Trading Initiative's Base Code.

Working with Suppliers

We visit suppliers to monitor their performance against our standards.

Where assessments identify room for improvement we work with suppliers to make positive changes, for example by sharing best practice, providing resources and training, and linking them with appropriate local organisations.

The Code requires Speedo suppliers to ensure that:

  • Living wages are paid
  • Working hours are not excessive
  • Working conditions are safe and hygienic
  • Child labour is not used
  • Employment is freely chosen
  • No discrimination is practised
  • There is no harsh or inhumane treatment
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected (e.g. workers are free to join a trade union)
  • Regular employment is provided.


We are committed to supporting community and environmental projects, with an emphasis on initiatives with links to water and swimming.

Supporting Local Wildlife

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust is run by local people for the benefit of local wildlife, and manages over 70 nature reserves.

We have been supporting their efforts since 2007, and Speedo employees get involved by volunteering to help with conservation efforts at meadows near our office. We sponsor the Trust's "Wildlife in the Wetlands" project, which raises awareness about the importance of conserving wetland habitats for UK native species such as otters and water voles.

Lewis Gordon Pugh

We sponsor British endurance swimmer and green campaigner Lewis Gordon Pugh, renowned for completing extreme swims to raise awareness about environmental issues.

He has worn Speedo while highlighting the impacts of climate change by swimming across open sea – formerly frozen solid – at the North Pole and a Himalayan lake formed by melting glaciers.

Inspiring Children To Swim

We are helping lead efforts to inspire children in the socially-deprived areas of Nottingham to swim.

Our goal is to give the children the chance to learn to swim, helping to boost their confidence and giving them a safe and sporty after-school activity.

We have helped create a swim club by donating 2,500 pieces of swimwear and £2,000 to run coaching sessions at Nottingham University's swimming pool. The swim club is a collaboration between Speedo, the EPIC partnership (a group of schools and other organisations making a difference to disadvantaged communities) and the Youth Sports Trust (which works to improve young people's prospects through exercise and sport).

World Swim Again Malaria

Speedo supports the World Swim Against Malaria, which calls on swimmers everywhere to raise funds to fight one of the world's deadliest diseases.

By doing a sponsored swim, people can help The Against Malaria Foundation, organisers of the event, to buy and distribute mosquito nets that can prevent the spread of the disease. To date the charity has distributed around 2.5 million nets globally.

How we do business

We believe that business should be conducted honestly, fairly and with respect for people and the environment.

Our efforts are guided by our four Business Standards Policies.

Code of Business Conduct

Makes clear our expected standards of behaviour towards employees, customers, suppliers and the wider community.

Download our Code of Business Conduct

Employment Standards Policy

Sets out our commitment to respect and protect the health, safety and rights at work of our employees and our suppliers' employees.

Download our Employment Standards Policy

Code of Employment Standards for Suppliers

Specifies our expectations for business partners' treatment of the workers who make our products, and is consistent with the Ethical Trading Initiative's Base Code.

Download our Code of Employment Standards for Suppliers

Environmental Policy

States our position on minimising the environmental impacts of our products and operations, while safeguarding the health and safety of our employees and the public.

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