Registration and Membership

  1. 1. The Speedo Elite program is open to all and is available at any Speedo concept shop nationwide (see list below).

    1. Abreeza
    2. Alabang Town Center
    3. Ayala Center Cebu
    4. Ayala Feliz
    5. Bonifacio High Street
    6. Centrio
    7. Circuit Makati
    8. Fairview Terraces
    9. Gateway Mall
    10. Glorietta 4
    11. Harbor Point Subic
    12. Lucky China Town
    13. MarQuee Mall Pampanga
    14. Paseo de Sta. Rosa
    15. Robinsons Place Bacolod
    16. Robinsons Place Cebu
  1. Robinsons Place Magnolia
  2. Robinsons Place Manila
  3. Robinsons Place Palawan
  4. SM Aura
  5. SM City Cebu
  6. SM City Davao
  7. SM Mall of Asia
  8. SM Megamall
  9. SM Puerto Princesa
  10. SM Seaside
  11. The District
  12. The Podium
  13. Trinoma
  14. UP Town Center Diliman
  15. Uptown Place Mall

  1. 2. A minimum single receipt purchase of Php 3,000 from any Speedo concept shop entitles a customer to become a Speedo Elite member wherein the customer will be required to fill-up the Membership Registration Form.

  2. 3. The customer, now called the “member” will be given a temporary card which he/she can use while his/her permanent card is being processed.

  3. 4. The temporary card should be returned upon receipt of the permanent card.

  4. 5. Members are encouraged to keep their information file up-to-date by reporting any change in name, address and other data. Speedo Elite provides two (2) kinds of forms called Form 1 (Membership Registration Form with a detachable temporary card) and Form 2 (Update Form without temporary card)
      1. a. For modifications which involve renewal of card (e.g. change of last name), the member shall fill-up a new Membership Registration Form or Form 1 with a tick mark on the change in information field, to enter the new details.
      2. b. For changes which involve revision on the data information only (marital status, address etc...), the member will fill-up the Update Form or Form 2
      3. c. Verbal notification is not valid and will not be accepted.
  5. 6. Multi Sports, Inc. reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without prior notice to cancel the membership card of any individual and all awards or privileges that goes with said membership. The membership will terminate automatically and all rights and privileges will become void on the death of the member.

The Speedo Elite Card

  1. 1. The membership card is and shall remain the property of Multi Sports, Inc.,and must be returned on demand. It is non-transferable, not a credit card and not convertible to cash.

  2. 2. In case of a lost or damaged membership card, the card will be replaced by Multi Sports, Inc. free of charge. The Member agrees to immediately report the said incident in writing or by calling Speedo Customer Service at 8078851 loc. 29 or any Speedo concept shop. Multi Sports, inc. should not be held liable for a Member’s lost or redeemed Speedo Elite Points whether or not the Member immediately reported the lost Speedo Elite Card.

  3. 3. Each member is only allowed to use one (1) Membership Card.

Earning your Points

  1. 1. Members can earn reward points by presenting their Speedo Elite Card to the cashier at the beginning of any sales transaction at any Speedo concept shop only.

  2. 2. A member will earn one (1) point for every fifty-peso (Php50.00) worth of purchase. If the purchase amount is not exactly divisible by fifty (50), the fraction of fifty (50) will be converted to the fraction of the point equivalent. Example, Php149.00 = 2.98 points

  3. 3. Members can earn reward points from the following transactions only: cash, credit card, debit card, and commercial gift certificates.

  4. 4. Payments made by members in connection with customer property transactions are also entitled to earn points.

  5. 5. Members who avail of VIP discounts or discounts given to partners and media are not eligible to earn points. However, they may choose to pay the regular retail price to earn points.

  6. 6. In case the member forgets his/her card, he/she may still earn points by giving personal details such as full name, birthday, contact number, email address, mother’s maiden name or show any valid government-issued IDs.

  7. 7. On the instance of Speedo Elite system unavailability, all points and transactions’ updates will only be applied the next day or when the system becomes available.

  8. 8. Multi Sports, Inc. reserves the right to make adjustments on earned or accrued points as it sees fit including, but not limited to, deduction of points arising from returned goods from disputes.

  9. 9. It is the responsibility of the member to keep transaction receipts, which may be required in case of request for points’ verification and disputes.

  10. 10. Multi Sports, Inc. reserves the right at all times to make any changes to any such rules and offerings in its sole discretion.

Redeeming your Points

  1. 1. The member should present his/her Speedo Elite card before the transaction on the redemption of reward. Redemption shall be done in Speedo concept shops only.

  2. 2. There is no minimum purchase requirement to redeem points. Redemption value of one (1) point is one peso (Php1.00). The member may use his/her points to redeem any Speedo item, regular priced or marked down. The original retail price of the item will be the basis when redeeming marked down or discounted items.

  3. 3. If the retail price of the item to be redeemed is greater than the peso value of the earned points, the member should pay for the difference either through cash, debit card, credit card, or commercial gift certificates. The member will earn points for the value of the payment he/she made for the difference. The points earned here may be redeemed in the next transaction only.

  4. 4. In case the sales transaction of a member is canceled due to a customer property-related complaint, the points earned from the sales of the item in question will be forfeited.

  5. 5. The program has no expiration.

  6. 6. For the redemption of Speedo Elite Points, those points reflected in point of sale records shall be deemed correct and Multi Sports, Inc. has the exclusive right to determine the available amount of points to be awarded to or redeemed by the member.

  7. 7. Redeemed awards or privileges are not exchangeable for other award or privilege, nor refundable, replaceable, nor to be sold or transferred for cash or credit, under any circumstances.

  8. 8. By redeeming points for awards or privileges, the member releases Multi Sports, Inc. from any and all liability to the member regarding the use and redemption of the points and on the issuance and usage of said awards or privileges. Points redeemed may no longer be changed, revoked or cancelled.

  9. 9. Speedo concept shops’ Return and Exchange policies apply to any concerns on the products redeemed.

  10. 10. Any information acquired during issuance and redemption of points and during membership processing, may be used by Multi Sports, Inc. for administrative and marketing purposes.

Membership Benefits

  1. 1. Speedo Elite Card holders are entitled to earn points from their purchases and use these points to get free items.

  2. 2. Members can avail of exclusive Speedo Elite offerings and promos.

  3. 3. Members can be one of the select guests during exclusive Speedo fashion shows and events.

  4. 4. Members get to receive special announcements and updates through e-mail.

Changes to the Speedo Elite Card Program

  1. 1. The Terms, Conditions and Guidelines cannot be superseded or changed except by Multi Sports, Inc. Multi Sports, Inc. shall use all reasonable endeavors to provide members with accurate and timely information regarding the Speedo Elite Program including any changes thereof.

  2. 2. Multi Sports, Inc. reserves the right at all times, without notice and in its sole discretion:
      1. a. To make any changes whatsoever to these Terms and Conditions.
      2. b. To withdraw, cancel, withhold, substitute, deny access to or use of or in any way change any of the awards or privileges previously advertised or offered for cause, to any member, at any time, without prior notice, and Multi Sports, Inc. will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the member resulting from such withdrawal, cancellation, variation or change.

Breach of Terms and Conditions

  1. 1. It is a breach of these Terms and Conditions for any member in the reasonable opinion of MSI to: abuse any awards, privileges, facilities, services or arrangements accorded to the member as a result of membership in Speedo Elite; or act in any fraudulent manner or in any way which is likely to be detrimental to the interest of MSI, or the Speedo Elite Program ; supply or attempt to supply misleading information, or make any misrepresentation to MSI ; or act in any way which in MSI’s reasonable opinion breaches or is likely to breach these Terms and Conditions. MSI’s decision as to what constitutes a breach shall be final and conclusive.

  2. 2. Any breach of these terms and conditions whether intentional or otherwise may result in termination of membership, forfeiture of issued Speedo Elite Points, and cancellation of Awards or Privileges, at the sole discretion of MSI. Eligibility for future or further participation in the Speedo Elite Program shall likewise be affected.

  3. 3. In the event of termination, all Speedo Elite Points, Awards or Privileges that may have been earned or accrued by the member will also be terminated, and these may not be sold, assigned or transferred or otherwise redeemed. MSI shall in no way be liable for any Speedo Elite Points, Awards or Privileges of a terminated Member.

General Conditions

  1. 1. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of the Philippines

  2. 2. All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for membership in Speedo Elite or eligibility for accrual or redemption of Awards or Privileges will be resolved by Multi Sports, Inc. at its sole discretion.

  3. 3. Failure of Multi-sports, Inc. to enforce a particular Term or Condition or Guideline does not constitute a waiver of that Term or Condition or Guideline.

  4. 4. The member is solely responsible for the use of any Award or Privilege; whether the Award or Privilege is used by the member or by a third party.

  5. 5. The member is personally liable for any and all costs, charges, claims or liabilities including duties, taxes and fees - from third parties, government and non-government entities - of whatever nature arising from the use of any Award or Privilege, as provided by Speedo Elite and the earning, redemption or use of any Award or Privilege.

  6. 6. The member hereby understands and agrees that the successful operation of Speedo Elite is based on the cooperative interaction among Multi Sports, Inc. and the members.