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Fastskin IQfit Endurance Biofuse

Intelligent Fit

  • Developed from extensive global head scan research
  • Unique 3D goggle seal fits the contours of the eye
  • Tensioning scale gives a secure and accurate fit every time

LEAK FREE: 89% of swimmers agree

REDUCED MARKS AROUND EYES: 89% of swimmers agree*

SUPERIOR COMFORT: 94% of swimmers agree*

  • For serious competition and fitness swimmers, goggle fit is vitally important. You want to put on your goggles and forget you're wearing them. So you're free to focus on performing better and achieving more in the water.

  • At Speedo, we understand this. Our researchers at the Speedo Aqualab® carried out extensive global head scanning, helping us to create goggles that are truly designed for real world faces. The result is an unparalleled, precision fit that inspires confidence and frees you to be the best you can.

    At the heart of IQ Fit is our first ever 3D goggle seal. This is designed to fit the contours of your eye to give maximum leak resistance and a secure fit – even during starts and turns.

  • In addition, we have developed a unique and revolutionary tensioning scale on the strap. This clever design detail quickly helps you to achieve a consistently secure and accurate fit, every time you swim. Much less strap tension is needed, making your goggles even more comfortable throughout every length, every session.

  • * vs Speedo Aquasocket goggle

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