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Fastskin IQfit Endurance Biofuse
Lenses and Anti-Fog

Lenses for all conditions & environments

  • Protection from direct sunshine & bright conditions
  • Reduce light transmission & brightness without distorting colour
  • Reduce glare from the water in bright conditions
  • Increase light levels when indoors to boost vision
  • Do you want the same goggles that world class swimmers use? Do you want comfortable goggles with the latest technology? Do you wear glasses or contact lenses and need optical goggles? Are you a leisure swimmer and want comfortable goggles that don't fog up? Do you need reliable, inexpensive goggles? Are you looking for goggles your kids will love and can adjust themselves?

  • For every kind of swimmer at every age, Speedo have a comprehensive choice of goggles and lenses. Our goggles feature a wide range of materials, colours, filters and finishes. We have the lens to suit you whatever your age or ability, wherever you're swimming indoors or out.

  • Ultraviolet or UV rays are widely recognised as the sun's most harmful rays. Every single one of our lenses is moulded from special plastic which absorbs UV light. So you have UV filtering on all of our lenses no matter which colour you choose.

  • Misting or fogging on the lens is caused by the difference in temperature between your warm skin and the cold of the water. This causes vapour to build up on the inside of the lens reducing visibility. To combat this, we apply a special Antifog solution to the lens. This repels the water vapour and stops the mist or fog forming and clouding up the goggles.

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