Introducing THE FUTURA BIOFUSE® FLEXISEAL goggle, for the most comfortable swim

Leaders of innovation and global swimwear brand Speedo are proud to introduce the new Futura Biofuse® Flexiseal goggle range. The Flexiseal range has taken the attributes of the previous best selling goggle, Futura Biofuse® and made it even better, with a more flexible and comfortable seal. The range has also been designed with an injection of color, including contrasting shades on the frame and seal which add vibrancy to the collection.



The new unique grooved design on the seal, allows more flexibility due to the intentional geometric depressions, for an improved fit around the eye and therefore reducing the chances of leaking to the everyday swimmer. 

Produced using soft and flexible gel-like materials, the goggle provides a cushion-like comfort that allows the wearer to relax and enjoy the freedom of being in the water without unnecessary discomfort.



In addition to the new design, the Futura Biofuse® Flexiseal boasts Anti-Fog coating, offering a solution to standard fogging goggles, along with UV protection to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. The goggle also features wide vision lenses to maximize your underwater vision and an easy to adjust side clip for your own personal fit.

Since the launch of Futura Biofuse® goggles in 2007, the range has sold over 11.5 million pairs of goggles, making it Speedo’s most successful goggle range. 

The Futura Biofuse® Flexiseal range is available in unisex and female fit for those with slightly smaller faces. The range encapsulates four color variations for unisex and three colorways for female, including styles which are suitable for triathlon on outdoor swimming due to their mirrored lenses.