Biofuse Power Paddle (Red/Grey/White)
Biofuse Power Paddle (Red/Grey/White)
Biofuse Power Paddle (Red/Grey/White)

Biofuse Power Paddle (Red/Grey/White)

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Power paddles are available in several sizes. Larger paddles will give more resistance in the water and will result in a higher-impact workout. Smaller paddles are most ideal for frequent use. The Power Paddle is also a popular training aid for Triathletes.

Features and Benefits

  • Featuring Biofuse Technology.
  • Provides extra upper body resistance to increase strength and power.
  • Designed to improve catch, distance per stroke and high elbow catch.
  • Engineered for maximum resistance in water.
  • Ergonomically engineered shape for improved grip and reduced hand fatigue.
  • The Stiff blade with thermoplastic rubber overmolding allows for optimum power transfer and comfort.