Aqua Vector Swimcap (White)

Aqua Vector Swimcap (White)

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Speedo realize that innovation doesn't stop with the worlds fastest swimsuits, for a complete racing package, you need a cap designed to be fast too. The Aqua-V cap uses multi-density silicone, the top section is the thickest to ensure your cap is wrinkle free, while the mid section is thinnest allowing stretch for a comfortable fit.


- The Aqua-V cap is a unique multi-density silicone competition and racing cap

- Designed with Speedo Aqualab

- Smooth, lightweight cap

- Offers 5% reduction in passive drag in comparison to standard latex caps

- The thick section through the top ensures the cap is wrinkle free minimizing resistance in the water

- The mid section is the thinnest section allowing the cap to stretch for optimum user comfort

- The base section runs around the hairline providing an ergonomic and stable fit

- Fabric Composition: 100% Silicone