Elite Pullkick Board II
Elite Pullkick Board II

Elite Pullkick Board II

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The Elite Pullkick doubles up as a pull buoy and kickboard, so you can get the most from your workout.

Leg strength - The Elite Pullkick allows you to build up leg muscle and strength, by forcing your lower body to do all of the hard work.

Arm strength - The ELite Pullkick can be used with any stroke to isolate the muscles in your upper body, forcing them to do the work of propulsion, increasing arm, and shoulder strength.

Endurance - Increasing buoyance keeps your body in a better position even as you get tired, so it's easier to swim for longer.


  • Engineered for optimum buoyancy
  • Space-saving design doubles as a pull buoy and kickboard
  • Engineered for comfort and superior wrist support