Mask & Snorkel Set with Camera Mount (Dark Grey/White/Red)

Mask & Snorkel Set with Camera Mount (Dark Grey/White/Red)

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Underwater photographers will love our mask and snorkel combo as an integrated up-to-date camera mount system comes with the mask.

This combo offers an appealing design crafted in high quality and durable material. The mask with its dual lenses is equipped with pivot buckles for a custom fit and easy to adjust strap clips. This helps when adjusting and locking the straps. Dry snorkel with a unique dry top system prevents water entrance from snorkeling.



  • Tempered glass lenses with less vision distortion
  • SIlicon facial skirt - Hypoallergenic and comfortable to wear
  • Detachable camera mount integrated system


  • Submersible dry top - prevents water entry
  • Large exhaust and purge valve at the bottom - for easy water clearing 
  • Unique track system - comfortable fit and easily detachable